Cuba has the rare ability to maintain its own cultural identity resisting globalization among the countries in the Western hemisphere. Our political, social and cultural experience of over two decades will enable you explore the authentic Cuba. We guarantee to take you beyond the mainstream into the heart and soul of the island’s culture.

We offer many ways to explore the Cuban culture:

  • Music: Music genres of the island are wider than your imagination; traditional music, son, Afro-cuban rythms, Cuban rock, jazz, Cuban rap, salsa, timba and reggaeton
  • Art: All the museums, art spaces, galleries and artists at hand
  • Film: Our close relationship with the Cuban Film Institute (ICAIC) will enable travellers to explore the film and documentary sector including all the talent involved
  • Literature: Cuban literature has been involved in the independence of the island from colonialism as well as the Revolution in 1959. We provide full access to Cuban literature and poets.
  • Architecture: Cuba offers the biggest and best Spanish colonial architecture, where each monument / building / house has an amazing back story. We can offer special architechtural packages.
  • Volunteerism: Within the field of volunteering, we can provide opportunities in agriculture, education, medicine and social affairs.


Salsa has been a major motivation in driving tourists from different countries, backgrounds and ages to Cuba. It is hard to understand Cuba without music and dance. And the new “reggaeton craze” is another chapter in the islands internationally successful music. We can offer our travellers world class dance lessons of any genre during their stay on the island.


LGBT travel is about safety, comfort, friendly accommodation, events and having fun with similar travellers. LGBT travel is a new and almost virgin niche in the Cuban tourism industry. Our special relations with “The Natonal Center for Sex Education” (CENESEX), the state institution advocating tolerance for LGBT issues, enable us create gay-friendly travel and open the doors of this world in Cuba.


Cuba with a 3,000 miles of coastline, over 4,000 islands and cays is a magical yachting destination. We can provide our clients perfect yachting services, because vessels, crews and shore-side support teams will assure an extraordinary experience.

Scuba Diving

Our special scuba-diving programs are aimed to allow clients enjoy the extraordinary diversity of the island’s sea bed and coral reefs. We offer diving packages with accommodation in international centers throughout the island.

These are some of the important diving centers in Cuba:

* María la Gorda (Pinar del Río)
* Barracuda (Varadero)
* Guajimico (Cienfuegos)
* Jardines de la Reina (Ciego de Avila)
* Shark Friends (Santa Lucia, Camagüey)
* El Colony (Isla deJuventud)
* El Acuario (Cayo Largo)
* Boca de Caldera (Havana)

Wind & Kite Surfing

Cuba has many wind and kite-surfing spots, including the capital Havana, Varadero and the resorts on the cays. We can provide lessons and gear rental to give your vacation in Cuba an extra dose of wind.


The Cuban government announced numerous projects to build new golf courses islandwide. Cuba will soon reach around ten new championship golf courses. Most of these will be located in Cuba’s western side, in and around Havana and Matanzas, with the one in Cienfuegos being the only one to be built furthest from the capital.

We can offer you to participate in golf tournaments, combine your vacation with playing golf or even create a tournament for you and your friends.


Hunting in Cuba is a niche of the tourism industry that has recently experienced growth. The hunting season is 15 October – 20 March and 20 July – 30 August. The main game preserves are located in: Pinar del Río (Maspotón and Alonso Rojas); Ciefuegos (Yarigua); Ciego de Avila (Morón); Camagüey (Florida) We make all necessary travel arrangements and organize guns, ammunitions and search dogs within the packages


Cuba, the pearl of the Caribbean, is a highly attractive place for deep-sea, underwater and sports fishing lovers. We can provide boats at any of the nautical bases located in Havana, Varadero, Cayo Santa Maria, Jardines del Rey, Guardalavaca, Cayo Largo del Sur, Ciénaga de Zapata, Cienfuegos, Trinidad and Santiago de Cuba.

The main modalities are Spinning, Trolling and Fly.

Fishing fans should take note of the “Ernest Hemingway International Billfishing Tournament” organized each year in June. The event attracts a quite international crowd including participants from the United States, Australia, Russia, the UK and Canada.

We can organize all your fishing related activities in Cuba, ranging from just a hobby adventure to a professional tournament participation.

Bird Watching

Bird watching is reported as being the fastest growing outdoor activity in America and some European countries. An increasing number of birdwatchers are traveling to far away destinations to spot new birds that cannot be seen in their own country.

There is no doubt that bird watching has the potential to be a significant tourism market segment in Cuba. We are aiming to take a fair share in the near future, from the 3 million international trips each year for the purpose of bird watching, with annually spent over 40 billion USD in the US and 3 billion USD in Europe alone.

Cuba has very attractive areas for watching more than 20 Cuban indigenous species such as, the Saint Thomas gallinule (gallinuela de Santo Tomás), the wetland finch (Cabrerito de la Ciénaga) and the Ferminia.

The most important protected areas for bird watching in Cuba are: Sierra de los Organos and Sierra del Rosario mountain ranges, Zapata wetland, Cayo Coco and La Belén.

To capitalize on this growing market, we offer in Cuba what birdwatchers require: safety, accessibility, infrastructure, quality of birdlife, and knowledgeable guides


The Varadero Parachuting Club offers both certified jumpers and tandem lovers, the opportunity of skydiving through the Cuban sky. The magical view from 3000 meters, looking down to the large peninsula surrounded by the Caribbean sea, is one of the ultimate climaxes you can reach in Cuba.

The Club uses classic aircrafts, which comply security terms and are well maintained. Instructors are friendly and above all very experienced. Jump gear is the latest from Europe and checked periodically. Professional certified jumpers can bring their own parachutes if they wish.


In Cuba you can enjoy a variety of water sports, horse riding, skate boarding, surfing, cycling, sky-diving, golf, baseball, boxing and running among other activities. You can participate in annual events and take lessons from world class experts.

Religious & Spirituality

The island has seen a rise in religious motivated travellers in the recent years. Especially jewish travellers have been an important group coming to the island to interact with the Cuban jewish community and centers, also visiting the synagogues.

People with catholic faith have long been coming with religious motives, since the first papal visit in 1997.

We are ready to offer religious tours to both faiths around the island with certified experts.

People coming to Cuba are also interested to explore the Afro-cuban religions with their different customs, folklore and beliefs. We can provide an eclectic and colorful journey in the “afro-cubania”. A very different spiritual and life experience!