For us, “travelling is living” and “travelling to Cuba is living life to the fullest”. We strive to redefine your perception on what is possible in Cuba. Our range starts from, a trip with private jet and VIP access to the historic Rolling Stones concert in Havana, to comfortable accomodations in houses owned by Cubans around the island.

Here it is all about the authenticity, experience and price/quality. Our offerings are limitless and the most creative in Cuba. We are pioneers in starting luxury travel to Cuba and combining the island with other destinations.

This sun-drenched tropical island with crystal clear waters, virgin beaches, natural environment, culture and amazing people is a paradise in the western hemisphere. When you arrive to Cuba with us, you will exactly understand what we mean.

Our travel sevices can combine multiple experiences such as leisure, art, culture, sports, entertainment and foo

“Cuban Revolutionary Leader Fidel Castro and President of Momentum Cuba Gökhan Eşeli, Havana – 1997″